E.L. Ford

E.L. Ford is a transient writer from the Appalachian region of the United States. Being an extensively private person, and having an open distrust of computers and technology, his manager, Daniel Burnitchure, and myself have created this blog for people to read his work for free per his request due to his beliefs in free knowledge and what he calls ‘hobo-anarchist literature’. We have also enclosed a small biography of him below. Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Samantha Preston-Morris, secretary

Edward Leigh Ford was born August 1, 1965 in Portsmouth, Ohio, Scioto County. His childhood was spent traveling throughout the Appalachian and southern areas of the United States.

When he was eighteen, he married his school boy crush, Julietta Moorehead, and entered the military. He served in the army during the Gulf War. After a year of service, he was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to five years in prison. During this time, he created the character Suzy Lee Long, who has become his literary alter-ego in the stories known as the Misadventures of A Female Dope Fiend.

Since his release, Mr. Ford has spent his time traveling  Appalachia and the south and writing his prose in abandoned houses and alleyways with his wife and his girlfriend, Troyya Chan.

When not writing, Mr. Ford enjoys smoking crack at family oriented restaurants, buying cat food (he owns no cats), and getting arrested.


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